The TESTBED project has the following ambitious objectives:

  • To carry out effective research and innovation activities to improve smart grid ICT infrastructure for supporting smart grid applications, with primary interest in Demand Response (DR) and Virtual Power Plant (VPP). The project aims to improve the cost efficiency of ICT infrastructure in VPP and DR by 40% but without scarifying their performance.

  • To develop efficient methods of improving the reliability of smart grid applications by optimizing communication system resources. Both function-driven reliable communication frameworks and adaptive connectivity approaches will be developed and tested in Wireless Communication Laboratory at HWU, targeted to improve the reliability of VPP and DR by up to 30%.

  • To investigate new data integration and data analytic technique for handling massive smart grid data, whose volume is growing annually at a minimum rate of 59% worldwide.

  • To validate aforesaid ICT infrastructure and developed method by building joint ICT-power system testbeds using Laboratories at HWU, ICCS, CAS, and EPRI.

  • To improve the expertise of seconded researchers with respect to both smart grid technologies and ICT by attaining training and staff exchange activities. The purpose is to train 22 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), whilst supporting the career development of 22 Experienced Researchers (ERs) by taking advantage of the integrated training and staff exchange scheme offered by the project network.

  • To obtain cross-sectoral knowledge (both Academic Sector and Non-Academic Sector) and grasp the complete cycle of research and development. Understanding the complete cycle from initial creative ideas to the final products or services will be very helpful for promoting the innovation capability of enterprises in Europe.

  • To strengthen Europe-China research partnerships through the mobility of ESRs and ERs. According to Chinese Government Work Report, Chinese Government has formulated a grand blueprint for the research and innovation in smart grid. This project will act as a timely Science-Bridge promoting systematic, long-term, and sustainable collaborations between Europe and China.

  • To encourage the knowledge exchange of best practices in the design and implementation of smart grid and its ICT, e.g., by comparing European approaches to those of China.